3 Reasons Why You Need To Have A Business Attorney On Retainer As A Small Business Owner

If you are a small business owner, having a business attorney on retainer is a smart business move to make if you are interested in protecting your business and investment. Here are three reasons by knowing who to call when you own a small business is important. Help You Create A Business Plan Business attorneys are well-versed in how businesses work and what a business needs in order to succeed. A business attorney can help you write up your business plan and can review any business plan that you draft up to make sure that it is comprehensive enough to cover the needs of your business.

Considerations For Leaving Behind A Family Owned Business

Estate planning can become complicated when you're leaving behind a business. If that business is a family owned business, the complications can grow far more personal. Leaving behind a business isn't like leaving behind an heirloom. There's far more you must consider when passing a business along to your child or other dependents. Understand that Your Business Is Still a Business Your business isn't an object that you can give away with the belief or hope the next owner will take care of it.