How To Stop Software Pirates And Pirating: Your Role In Making Software Better

Software licensing exists for the purpose of protecting the companies that develop it and to protect users/consumers that purchase it. Just like pirated movies and "shared" music, however, software is also pirated. It has a negative impact on software companies and developers to the point that they have to further restrict who can use software and how many people or devices can use the software made in a single purchase. If you want to help stop software pirates, here is what to look for and how to report it so that software use and consumption is better for everyone else.

3 Reasons To Set Up A Living Trust

Estate planning is not usually a topic many people want to spend a lot of time thinking about, but if you have significant assets to protect, you owe it to your family and future beneficiaries to begin this conversation. But today, you can do more than just set up a will and last testament for after your death. Wtih this assistance of an attorney, you can set up a living trust to protect all of your assets before and after your death.